the White Dove Sleeps in the Sand

Hello all; it’s been a while! Life has been relatively mundane for the last little while. I started a new job as a financial analyst in August and have been getting my head wrapped around all that there is to learn. It’s tough, but it’s getting there!

Also just got back from another trip to Taiwan  (a new annual tradition) visiting old friends and family. This time around, I realise that I’m starting to get old. Okay, I’m only 23, but I already feel like I have a lot less energy than I did when I was 18. My joints are stiff in the morning and my bones ache to the point where I’m hardly interested in “going out to play” anymore. Forget about crowds and walking 20 kilometres in gruelling heat… and oh my God, that lower back pain on the airplane!

In the past two years, I’ve crossed off a lot of things on my bucket list. I’ve gone coasteering in the Atlantic Ocean, horseback riding in the Wicklow mountains, cave exploring in Fermanagh, kayaking in the Irish Sea, visited three islands in Greece. I’ve had hot wine at the Christmas market in Cologne, ate poutine in Montreal, and fresh cod in St. John’s. I’ve even met the dire wolves and the Dothraki slave master, but my wings are tired now, and I’m ready to land.

That being said, I think I’m mostly done with travel. I’ll probably still take one or two big trips in the year to blow off some steam, but somehow travel just doesn’t intrigue me anymore. I no longer feel the need or the desire to see the temples in India, the Eiffel Tower, or Big Ben. I’m much more content to spend my days off right here on my couch with a hot cup of tea and a book. The only thing that’s missing now is a warm, soft kitty purring on my lap…



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