The Road Less Travelled

Having submitted payment for my visa last week, it seems that now is a good time to make the official announcement. Yes, after much contemplation and debate, I’ve decided to pack up my life and move to Ireland after graduation for 1-2 years!

The idea came to life a few months ago, but it took a backseat while I evaluated why I wanted to go specifically to Ireland of all places (being it had never even crossed my list of places to visit), and what the benefits and consequences would be if I went. I considered other cities and countries after my heart became unsettled with the prospect of staying in Toronto, but after much research and debate, I still found myself drawn towards the Emerald Isle. After making a quick trip to Dublin earlier this month, I decided that experiencing its culture and building a new life (or at least trying to) was 100% what I wanted to do for me.

I’ve had my doubts and expect challenges in many aspects, but I made the conscious choice to go because I could see how somewhere down the line, I’d regret not exploring this option while I had the capacity to take (calculated) risks like this one. I could stay in Canada and lead a comfortable materialistic life, but I know I would feel unmotivated to advance forward and eventually become unhappy with having settled at age 21. What most people forget is that we need uncertainty in life just as much as we need security.

There will always be reasons not to go; always. After so many weeks of questioning though, what I still keep going back to is that this is an opportunity in itself; something that, regardless of its outcome and/or consequence, is life lived. After a million what-if’s and why-should-I’s, and being brutally honest with myself, I still ended up with the conclusion of “I want to go”. And the reality is that timing-wise, it’s pretty much now or never.


6 thoughts on “The Road Less Travelled

  1. I admire your bravery. It takes guts to go after the unknown, and whatever happens, you’ll find out what makes you happy. I look forward to reading your adventures!

  2. No matter what happens, in retrospect, being an expat will be the best thing ever to happen to you. You’ll catch the bug and can’t wait to pack your bags for the next road!

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