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One of the things I realized during my recent world-traveling endeavor is that the world is full of mini adventures. I realized how sheltered our lives as students have been, and how they continue to be sheltered as we enter the work force with people who all have similar routines and ultimately, the same goals. During my stay in 16-bed dorm rooms, I met fathers who travelled to foreign lands to seek better lives for their children, young drifters exploring different cultures in search of ‘the meaning life’, backpackers vacationing across eastern coasts just because they can… it’s truly amazing to meet people who lead such complete opposite lives from you, yet simultaneously similar.

Sometimes, if we’re lucky, we come together in person. But for those of you who can’t venture out into the wild quite yet, that’s okay too. Technology today has allowed us to connect with people from every corner of the world – from fellow scholars to entrepreneurs, from expats to mothers, in China and in London. That part of technology is universally wonderful.

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