Lost In Translation

Guess where I’m writing from?

Frankfurt, Germany!

It’s been a hectic few months; one filled with pre-midlife crisis, mixed priorities, broken hearts, avoidance – there aren’t enough despairing adjectives to describe the Western tragedy that was life this fall. But despite it all, I’ve pushed through and ended this academic year with a week in Germany and Ireland.

Europe definitely has its way with you. I almost don’t want to leave! Perhaps it’s just the same ol’ stuff for the people who grew up here, but to a North American, everything is so different. There’s a wild mixture of the extremely old and the extremely new, crazy winding streets, public music, and that general romantic vibe that everyone talks about when they visit Europe.

I’ll be flying back home in a few hours, which makes me sad to think as I breakfast here amongst other travelers and a guy playing guitar in the corner. But I’m quite sure that I’ll be back someday, and once again find myself lost in translation.


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