Facebook, An Unrecognized Drug

I desperately want to kick the Facebook addiction. It wastes time and creates a false reality that ultimately just makes you unhappy. It becomes a channel through which one can easily vent angry, impulsive statuses that you soon wish two-hundred people didn’t just read. It creates a flawed image of the person you really are based on moments of temporary euphoria and dysphoria. But how do you stop using Facebook when it’s become the world’s main tool for communication? How can you delete your account when even your professor has decided to use Facebook groups as a course requirement?

People don’t realize that Facebook is like McDonald’s. It’s easy, fast, and leaves you wanting more. But other than that brief bit of satisfaction you get while consuming it, what else is good about it? What’s the point of letting everyone know what kind of sandwich you ate, or looking at an acquaintance’s “throw-back-Thursday” photograph? Do you really know that person any better on a personal level?

I’m guilty of being a Facebook user. I post irrelevant status. I scroll through the news feed. And at the end of the day, I’ve accomplished nothing by doing so. I want to quit Facebook. But how, when the world won’t let you?


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