Highway 21

Hello, everyone! You might have noticed a slight change in the appearance of this blog! We’ve moved from Musings on the Path to Obtaining the American Dream to Carpe Diem. This change has been inspired by the light of recent events over the past few months, where I’ve come realize that I need to turn the bend and take a different road in life.

A few years ago, I started to pursue happiness in the form of a wealthy material life. I was speeding down a metaphorical highway, but I couldn’t see the destination. The road only stretched forward for miles and I was moving too fast to see the scenery. There was no turning back; no company except for the other drivers racing towards a finish line we couldn’t see. The ride was exciting at first (almost fun), but somewhere along the way, I forgot about the simple things that made me feel peaceful, tranquil, fulfilled, happy. The only life I knew was this everyday routine of driving forward at a constant velocity; no changes, no stopping. Then suddenly, whether it is by probability or the will of providence, someone crashed into me, pulled me over, and guided me down the exit ramp to a humble town where people remembered to stop and smell the roses. It was through this town we that walked hand-in-hand until the leaves started turning red again and the shadows grew long. When we reached the border, we realized that we had to get back into our own vehicles and go in opposite directions.

As much as I wish we could’ve stayed in that place forever, I realized it was probably because we had limited time that we were able to cherish every moment and live each day to its fullest. And as I got back into my own car, I came to realize that even as we part ways to find separate happiness, there will always be a part of this person that I’ll carry with me… because he taught me to seize the day. Indirectly and accidentally, he showed me that at the end of the day, it isn’t about the amount of money you have in your bank account, or the fancy imported sofa in your penthouse condo – it’s about the experiences you’ve had, the differences you’ve made (regardless how small), and the people you hold close to your heart. So, as another journey begins, I turn the steering wheel towards the next town on local. I decided to drive slower, explore the winding paths through the suburbs and the valleys, stop in the cities that seemed interesting, meet new friends along the way.

Today, I started sorting through all my things to donate to charity, only to keep a knapsack full of essential and sentimental items. I am moving out of my condo in search of a simpler life, and I’ve booked a few backpacking trips to other countries. Whatever happens from today is a mystery, but (in the altered words of Peter Pan), “to live would be an awfully great adventure.”


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