Cool Fall Evenings, Warm Autumn Colors


I know, I know… it’s been about a million years since I’ve updated this site. Things have just been insanely busy this year, what with juggling classes, work, and social life. I have written an entry reflecting on my time working in accounting and administration at the Bata Shoe Museum (mostly for course credit purposes) and my thoughts on my time spent thus far studying Arts Management at the University of Toronto, but I’m still waiting for some new photographs to publish along with it. I feel like this blog would be too boring and wordy without its usual image-heavy content. I’m planning to visit the new aquarium downtown within the next three weeks though, so it should be published soon!


Just as a quick update, things have been looking pretty good even though it has been busy. I had to adjust my priorities this semester: last year 90% of my time was spent studying, memorizing, studying, and memorizing. I put in some time working in events and marketing on campus, and had one or two volunteer experiences, but for the most part, it was all about the grades.


At one point I decided that what was probably more important was being able to really understand things and apply practical skills to be able to work after graduation. My dad told me,

“Once you enter the real workforce, they will expect you to know, not learn. The expectations will be higher and there will be less room for mistakes.”


So, I decided to put in more time towards practical application: hands-on experience, social improvement, etc. I haven’t neglected my studies, but I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t devoting too much time towards the short-term learning. Inevitably, the significantly less allocated time for studying resulted in lower grades this term (good, but not spectacular)… but I have to say I have actually learned more, and I have never been happier with my life.


I’m not trying to make excuses for having dropped a few points on the CGPA scale; I just find that removing myself from the mindset of getting 90’s allows me to actually enjoy courses and truly “get it”, even if test results do not immediately reflect that. Allocating time to various other activities also allows for putting together functional pieces (that didn’t fully make sense or even appear in the classroom). The bottom line is…

Yes, grades matter… but they shouldn’t matter as much as the current education system implies you should. Once you let go of this concept, life is pretty darn near perfect – even with its bad days.


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