Long Hiatus


This has become a long hiatus. Over the course of the summer, I seemed to have been lucky enough to have landed an awesome student internship/part-time job, and my best friend of almost a decade has moved to Toronto! I’ve also been busy moving to a new condo (and wasting a frivolous amount of money on decoration pillows, within my budget of course but frivolous nonetheless), and attempting to pass Statistics. I have one last exam to go before being free to spend (what little is left of) the rest of summer. Then it’s off to school again.


5 thoughts on “Long Hiatus

  1. First of all wow thats a beautiful photo! but anyways haha so I just created a blog for my project, would you mind checking it out to see if it interests you? Thanks 😀

    1. Thank you!

      And I’m looking forward to seeing how your project turns out at the end of the year! I love looking at time-lapses as well. It just isn’t as interesting with me because I’ve more or less remained the same since grade one! Are you planning to put your photos into a time-lapse video?

      1. Yes! That was my plan! I think it’s so interesting how if you look at one picture at a time you don’t see much going on but after a while if you look at the first and last picture it’s like “wow…” Hahaha well thanks for the support! It’s much appreciated!

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