Constant Whirlpool Of Problems

NKN_5869 copy_orig_Fotor_20130617

Well, hasn’t this just become a delayed update (as always). Just wanted to share an image from a set of portraits I recently took! The rest can be viewed on Flickr.

Also wanted to do a quick rant, because I seem to attract problems like this. A year ago I was falsely accused of not having paid my tuition fees. Then I was falsely accused of cheating on an exam. Both were dealt with and resolved, not without some bitter memories and grudges held against the school for its lack of responsibility. Today I came home to find a letter in my mailbox titled “Notice of Academic Probation”. I read it multiple times through, confused; I have nothing short of a B+! How is this possible? It must be a mistake, but now I have to clear this up again and it will probably screw up my entire fall OSAP application too. I’m so angry at the fact that I work my ass off to maintain good grades on top of leading multiple extracurricular activities. I’m expected to be proactive and be responsible for myself, but when is the school going to be responsible? I understand there are a lot of students to take care of, but I’ve yet to meet a counsellor or “academic officer” who actually gives helpful advice or even really cares/takes their job seriously. I’m paying thousands of dollars, and for what? A piece of paper that says I’ve graduated from a school whose reputation far exceeds its performance.


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