UTSC: Evening Hymns

NKN_5056 copyWent to photograph another event on campus today called Evening Hymns. It was a music-projection art combination between a band (apparently called Evening Hymns, although I’m not quite sure), and Sean Frey and his design team.

NKN_5072 copyIt was actually quite the performance. The band played a few songs from their record Spectral Dusk – a series of songs that the musician wrote whilst dealing with the pain of losing his father. In the background an… almost shadow puppet show projected live.

NKN_5096 copyI had never thought about mixing visual arts with music before, so it was a refreshing way of seeing a concert.

NKN_5064 copyI’m not entirely sure how I feel about the music itself though. I am in no way, shape, or form a music expert, but I do listen to pretty much everything – and I find a very distinct line between great music and ones that are just average.

NKN_5061 copyI guess producing sorrowful songs are not easy. There are musicians that I consider great because they somehow have this yearning in their voices; like you know there’s a hint of personal affliction or dreaming, but at the same time they are singing directly to you and you alone.

NKN_5058 copyFor this particular band, I just didn’t really feel it. The melodies of all the songs kind of sounded the same to me too. But overall, I still liked it and would probably buy an album if I had money to spare (as opposed to Johnny Cash where I’d buy a vintage album when I have no money to spare).

NKN_5084 copyAnyways, I tried to get a photo of each member of the band, but unfortunately a combination of the lighting and my lens wouldn’t allow for it.

NKN_5051 copyI’ll be uploading these (and some others) onto my Flickr account perhaps on Friday. The Internet is just too slow at home.

NKN_5082 copy


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