UTSC: Poetry Slam

NKN_5008 copy copyWent to photograph an event on campus today called ‘Poetry Slam’. It was basically a “fun competitive” performance poetry reading, where students from UTSC and Guelph wrote their own poems and read them on stage.

NKN_5025 copyThe audience members served as judges, rating each team’s poem on a scale of one to ten. It was a small, intimate crowd of not more than twelve.

NKN_5030 copy

NKN_5046 copy

Everyone was obviously very talented (I definitely couldn’t write poems like that and express them with such passion), but to be honest, it wasn’t something I’d like to go to again.

NKN_5044 copyI’m assuming that one must be quite unique to appreciate this form of art. As for me, well… I could only imagine myself in one of those “hippie bars” where everyone was having some kind of mass orgy around me.

NKN_5033 copyI suppose it was the content that threw me off. Poetry is already something I less than appreciate, unless they’re subtle nursery rhymes without hidden philosophical messages.

NKN_5042 copyBut in any case, it was a good experience. Maybe I just shouldn’t have sat in the front row.

NKN_5036 copy



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