Plastic Potted Plants

NKN_4978 copyWent to the Dollarstore today and picked up a potted plastic plant and pillow to spiff up the room a bit. It’s only a small addition, but really brings the design together 25% closer. Of course one can argue that plastic plants are ugly, but I hardly have a green thumb. And I hate bugs/insects.

DSC05291 copyThis stitched decorative pillow really reminded me of our old house in Michigan. It also makes for a nice, warm addition to the new (old) chair at my desk.

DSC05295 copyOriginally had plans to go out for dinner tonight with a friend and his buddies, but I decided to cancel in order to save money and finish up the tons of food I already have in my fridge. I really need a social life… but sometimes I also just like staying home alone.





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