Dollar Decoration

5411840240_062464fc11_bI haven’t been taking any pictures recently, so please enjoy these photos I took in Taiwan a few years back (and an image of Toronto). With the Canadian blizzards coming in, all I can think about is the comfort of tropical-island sun.

5408727583_e1aa7ee16a_bAnyways, since I had a cold at the beginning of this semester, I fell behind in readings already. I’m planning to get completely caught up (if not ahead) by Saturday night though. I’d like to spend Sunday re-arranging my room and perhaps picking up a few simple plants or decor items from the Dollarstore/IKEA.

6320240512_47d1e14c90_bI honestly cannot wait to get my own apartment, or at least to decide on whether or not to stay at my current room for more than a few more years so I can order a comfy chair or sofa. If you know me personally, you will know that bad interior design and lack of proper furniture drives me to the point of insanity. I once used a differently colored bed sheet while I cleaned and aired out my old one, but I could not bear the mismatch of colours (the only part showing was about a 5″ width band), so I removed it within thirty minutes.

5408728525_21ddd1bc9d_bRight now all I can do is imagine that my horrible and ugly desk is a Victorian table and perhaps spruce it up with cheap decorations. You know, sometimes I appreciate having a little bit of an “artistic eye”, but at other times… I wish I could be like my roommates who don’t even notice things like crumbs or $30 bed frames…






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