Kensington Market By The Hip

DSC05268 copyIt was like mid-spring today, and probably last of good weather before those dreary, cloudy Canadian winters kick in. I jumped at the chance to go downtown today and walked around for about 4 hours. I brought my Sony point-and-shoot and practiced some “shooting from the hip”, a discreet street photography technique to take pictures of people/things without others knowing about it.

DSC05258 copyI covered Kensington Market and Chinatown, mainly because I needed to get one of those rolling cart things that people without cars use to push heavy groceries across town in. I found a decent one at $8.99. The one I currently use, a $60 cooler-cart from Canadian Tire was a piece of (for lack of better word) shit. It tripped me, tipped over at every crack in the road, and could barely fit in 3 boxes of frozen chicken. Just proof that sometimes the “brand name” stuff isn’t worth anything.

DSC05271 copyAnyways, I discovered a little bakery in the center of Kensington Market that I never found before. Their stuff was amazing; the photos just don’t do it justice! The colors are egg-gold and richer in real life. I wish I had known about this bakery back when I still lived downtown.

DSC05274 copyI really wanted to try one of the large danishes, but I had already purchased too many fresh foods to last me.

DSC05267 copyNext time I want to hit up this cheese market. One of my life goals to to try every single type and variation of cheese on the planet.

DSC05263 copyThe hipster-ish clothing didn’t interest me very much, but the exterior design of the stores were yummy eye candies.

DSC05269 copyOverall a warm, relaxing day… perhaps the last.






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