Failing In University Is An “A+” In Real Life


The new year reels in a new blog layout! It’s time to set 2013’s new goals. Now, let’s be real – no one really ever follows all their New Years’ Resolutions. If we did, we’d probably all be Californian-fit, healthy, productive, wealthy, and twice as smart every year. It’d probably lead to the evolution of some kind of hyper-advanced human. Nevertheless, New Year’s Resolutions are fun to make and follow for the initial few weeks. But let’s for the heck of it see how well (or badly) I’ve scored on my twelve 2012 resolutions this year:


  1. Get my website online – it’s online… but I’ve really only just updated it minorly for an interview earlier in September. The Flash site I was working on by code just never got around to finishing itself. But it’s it’s the holidays, I’ll be generous and give myself a score of 0.5/1.0 on this one.
  2. Get back into shape – for the first few months of 2012, I had definitely chubbed out. But I made it a piece of my mind to do regular hikes, runs, and dance sessions mid-late 2012. Overall, I’ve gained a Freshman 30, but lost perhaps 10 of that 30. So, technically… I’ve at least kept this resolution. 1.0/1.0
  3. Photography – this one I definitely have kept! I was able to shoot a few portraits for friends, as well as do event photography at work. I was also able to add a few graphic designs to my portfolio, since I’m currently employed in the university’s work-study program for marketing. 1.0/1.0
  4. Be more active at school – at OCADU, there weren’t many chances to get involved. There literally were not any clubs. I did however, get hired as the board secretary; and when I transferred to the University of Toronto, attended as many events as I could, and got a job as well. 1.0/1.0
  5. Volunteer three times – I volunteered as a tour guide at OCAD in the spring. Then at the University of Toronto, I volunteered at the Artside Out campus festival. At both institutions I was a volunteer note-taker for the Students With Disabilities Center. 1.0/1.0
  6. Deposit $5 into my savings account every month – this one I can honestly say did not happen. Unfortunately, I used my spare cash this summer to buy my food. Even with a 10% employee discount card, do you know how expensive Loblaws is?? 0/1.0
  7. No technology after 11PM – first the first week or so I was able to do this. Then it didn’t happen. During the summer break (April-July) when I had to wake up early, I also was able to achieve this. However, once I came to the University of Toronto, I developed a strange insomnia where not only do I do my best work at night, I only sleep once every consecutive three days. So for the most part, I’d say this one is a no. 0/1.0
  8. Read at least 1 book per every 2 weeks  – just no. I probably didn’t even read 6 books the entire year. 0/1.0
  9. Write a journal entry once a week – I used to journal/blog daily in high school. Now I realize how mundane my life really is, and end up writing perhaps once a month. 0/1.0
  10. Watch the fashion – since my boyfriend at the time was two hours away, I didn’t really bother dressing up last year. After we broke up half-way through 2012 though, I started to “display” myself again (not in a provocative, boob-flashing manner though). 0.5/1.0
  11. Apply for a summer internship – nope. I was working at Maple Leaf Gardens all through summer. 0/1.0
  12. Let the people I care about know it – sadly, I don’t think I’ve done a good job at this one either. I’m not one to express mushy emotions unless I am listening to music/watching movies by myself, in which case I will always bawl like a little girl. Perhaps I should try this one again. 0/1.0

Total score: 5.0/12.0 – 42% – but you see, life shouldn’t be restricted by too many rules either. A 50 might be a fail in university grading standards, but it’s just the right balance in real life. It means you’ve abided by the rules, but you’ve also been adaptable to your environment/situation. Life is all good.


Now that the world has indeed not ended and we await patiently for another prophecy scare in 2017, here are thirteen new resolutions for 2013:


  1. Eat healthier
  2. Schedule at least 3 hours a week at the gym
  3. Schedule at least 4 hours a week for dance
  4. Always be on schedule or ahead of it
  5. Get 1-2 more experiences related to the workforce
  6. Complete “Employment Workshop” certificate for Co-op placements
  7. Pay attention to the news
  8. Understand more about arts management
  9. Add $100 to savings account
  10. Do more photography
  11. Blog more often
  12. Add at least 5 new pieces to design portfolio
  13. Present myself daily in a fashionable manner

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