Life Is Colorful Like Fall… But Then Comes Winter

Hello, all! This has become quite a delayed updated. With all of my midterms rolling in the same week, things have been getting quite busy. They’ve actually come sooner that I thought, and as a result I’m a little behind on my study schedule. Just goes to show that reading ahead in university really doesn’t help at all! I managed to score an A+ on my last economics test though, and am only hoping to heaven that I can do half as well on the next.

I’ve also been finalizing (and re-designing) some advertisement work for the campus! I’m not sure when the final print will be reviewed, selected, and posted, but I’m excited about that as well.

Because it’s been so busy, I haven’t been able to see the last of the autumn colors in the forest this year.

These late seasonal hike images from a few weeks ago will have to do!

I now return to calculating demand functions. I do have three major research essays coming up, as well as finals which are only a month away, so I may be on hiatus for a while. When I return though, I have a nice surprise for you all!


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