Harvest Season

Like I’ve mentioned thousands of times before, autumn is my favorite season of the year. Rainy, glum days and five degree weather aren’t good things, but harvest days makes up for all of that!

I’m really not much of a gardner, but homegrown tomatoes means forcing myself to eat tomatoes (I hate the taste) for skin care purposes. It also makes quite a vivid display of colors right around this time!

Didn’t enjoy eating them as much as I did picking and taking pictures. For whatever reason, I’ve never been a fan of tomatoes or anything to do with tomatoes. It’s just the strangest combination of salty and sweet with a human flesh-like skin…

While I was in the yard, though, decided to take a few pictures of the patio design. There are several windchimes, which I adore. The sound of windchimes is so very nostalgic to me.

Nice addition to a tour of my room, which you can find here. There should be update within the next two weeks, so keep checking back!

And finally, we have the kitchen common area. I tend not to eat down here because it’s kind of dirty with all our six tenants using it (and some of us not cleaning up afterwards). But we each get out own cupboard and little pantry for which to store our individual pots, pans, cans, etc., which is good because I get quite picky about my kitchen utensils. If you ever lived with me, you would know me as the Asian Martha Stewart.








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