A Tour Of My Room

After deciding that my current place is a keeper (at least for the next 3 years, ceteris paribus), I decided to do a minor bit of decorating. My parents brought over a few pieces from home, including my iMac which has spent the past month getting fixed at GeekSquad.

Decided to use my own microwave and water kettle, since the common one downstairs was getting pretty disgusting. Is it really so difficult to wipe spills? I also introduce Duffel, who’s been my bear since I was born.

My little personal ‘gym’, which is really more like a small dance studio since… well, I mostly dance and do pilates with a set of 1-pound dumbbells.

Plate design is just as important as furniture. Also got a nice corkboard from the dollarstore that I was able to snag for 25% because the package was opened and missing the nails.

Because I can’t afford an actual mounted dance barre, I make-do with the school’s dance studio, my mini dance studio, and the railing of the stairs as an improvisational barre. My own private washroom means that it’s always clean! I always make sure to dry off the tub and walls after showering to prevent mildew.

There really isn’t a ‘design’ to the walk-in closet, although I am trying to figure out how to organize it so that it does look decorated, like in those Better Homes & Gardens magazines. You might wonder if I become a mess afterwards, but no… I am a clean/organization freak at all times.

Apart from home decor, my parents and I went to the Chinese supermarket, which seems to be an annual tradition. I had potato chips for the first time in forever, and feel like I’ve gained weight just from all the good food yesterday. In terms of school, it’s been busy and I feel like I’ve never read more text in my life. But I’m enjoying it very much – I feel like I’m actually doing something useful and my brain is challenged (in a different way than when you create art) everyday. It’s also not just about the academics – I’m taking Latin dance and archery, and have met a few very nice people. I’m not sure how much I’ll be changing my mind after exams roll by (and I end up with a C in economics, despite my enjoying it), but as of now… all is good!


2 thoughts on “A Tour Of My Room

  1. Cute room! I love seeing how people decorate their spaces. It’s nice that you have your own microwave too, roommates can be really messy sometimes, I know -_-

    1. Thanks! Lol, I remember at one apartment I stayed at, it seemed like no one had cleaned the microwave in YEARS. But stay tuned, I’m going to updating on decoration soon! =)

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