Once A Freshman, Always A Freshman

My classes officially begin tomorrow. I’ve read ahead for some classes, but still am feeling anxious. I suppose it’s because I know I have to maintain a certain average in order to go on work placements. Although I’ve always received good marks, I’ve never had the pressure to maintain them. I keep telling myself to keep doing what I’ve been doing: understanding the context and not procrastinate, but sometimes I worry the underlying pressure will affect my abilities.

Of course, in addition to academics, I must be involved in sports and clubs in order to be a well-rounded individual. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy these things; but at the same time I worry that regardless of what they say, marks are still the ultimate determinant. So what if not enough time is devoted into getting those high numbers that supposedly and untruthfully determine your intelligence level?

Orientation wasn’t too much of an assistance either. It was more or less screaming and shouting, if anything at all. I was able to meet a few people in my program, as well as gain some friendships, but in preparatory terms… no. Anyways, I can’t wait to get into the swing of things and be able to enjoy the learning process here. Until then, please enjoy these pictures of Hogwarts.

But no, haha, they are actually of our downtown campus!


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