Back To School

School is right around the corner! Just like that four months of summer vacation has gone by. I spent most of my time working, but had a few well-worth-the-while trips with family and friends in between hours. Today it’s time to post some of the bird shots I got in at Colasanti’s, Windsor!

Today I purchased two of my textbooks and they came out to roughly $200. Without a part-time job this year, it will be financially rough… but I’m attempting to graduate in three years by taking a 120% course load per semester. Being a transfer student in a new program also means experiencing freshman days all over again in a sense, and the fact that I have to maintain a high average to remain in co-op with only exams to prove myself in means I’ll have to take extra care of both my mental and physical health.

To be honest, I am nervous about every single thing that lies in the future. I can tell myself I can do it, but there will always be a knot somewhere in the back of my stomach.





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