Toronto Skyline

This has become a long-delayed update. My friend has been visiting from home recently, so we’ve been spending our days walking for twelve hours straight, chatting, and finding good food. There are so many photographs I have yet to post that I feel like I shall never be done sharing!

I lost most of my Toronto Island photos due to my iMac unexpectedly crashing and dying, but I managed to recover a few remaining good photos. The resolution isn’t as high, but these were my favorite photos out of every place we visited!

The Islands were absolutely amazing from day to night. The breeze (although chilly) was refreshing, and I’ve never seen so many stars … well, in the city anyways. More pictures to come!






2 thoughts on “Toronto Skyline

  1. Hey! these photographs are too good specially the last one is providing the charismatic view of Toronto city in the evening. I just loved it.

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