Pacific Paranoria

After getting some business done in Markham, I took a stroll at the over-rated Asian mall, Pacific Mall. It’s basically a bunch of mini stores that specialize in cutesy Asian-style clothing, imported Japanese beauty products, and pirated DVDs.

Asians (I can say this because I am Asian) seem to have a tendency to be paranoid with people taking photographs of their stores. I had barely gotten in two snapshots of the outside of a store when a raging Chinese man came out and screamed at me, “Hey, hey! No peek-chore!”

I also felt uncomfortable as store-owners unnecessarily crowded my space as I browsed their products. Needless to say I left within two minutes.


2 thoughts on “Pacific Paranoria

    1. Lol, well this mall is very different from the malls in the rest of Canada too. Pacific Mall is a version of Asian street booths; the rest of the malls look just the same as all the other ones I’ve been to in North American. =p

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