Complain, Complain

I hereby swear (to try) to never complain outwardly again. There are  some who shall remain anonymous that are completely bitter about everything that goes on around them, and I am the one who has to listen to their yaking on about it afterwards. Although I really don’t complain to anyone other than my parents, I now know how annoying I must be when I complain about life.

Honestly, what do we really have to complain about? We live in an unfair world perhaps, but in the general sense, we live on the fair side. We have jobs even if they be minimum wage; we have goods that we consume for necessity and access to luxuries that many only dream of; there is bread on the table; loved ones in our hearts. So what if there are some colleagues you don’t enjoy working with? Suck it up and face the fact that there will be people who you dislike, and people who will dislike you.

Sometimes you just have to eat shit. But in this case (^), this brown fishy lump was far from the taste of life’s feces. I visited Koreatown for the first time since I moved to Toronto (pathetic, yes) and tried one of those Asian pancakes filled with red bean paste. It was deliciousand one is definitely big enough for a single person.

I decided to treat myself to something today and purchased my first Crabtree and Evelyn product. It was on sale for $16 off ($5 sale) and I signed up for the free rewards card, which qualified me for a free complimentary gift. (I have multiple reward cards just for the purpose of snagging little samples and coupons.)

I love the rosewater line. Luckily that was the one that was on clearance because they are changing the packaging design. Although I purchased a much-needed shower gel, the lotion sample won me over more. The scent lingers on your body while the scent for the shower gel just rinses off along with the suds. In conclusion, Crabtree and Evelyn do indeed manufacture great (expensive) products; thus a great little luxury when you can afford it!


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