Lunch In An Hour

Had a nice little lunch with a friend today at a Taiwanese restaurant called “One Hour”. The menu was extremely limited, but it made making choices much easier. I had the sesame noodle (not sure if that’s what it’s actually called); it was much better than I expected!

Washed it down with a sesame bubble tea. Yes, sesame bubble tea! It sounded so weird that I just had to try it. It was actually really good with an aromatic taste, but the black bits tend to get stuck in your teeth. =s

My friend ordered a side of fried chicken wings, of which I tried one. It was so tender and juicy, unlike any other fried wing that I’ve ever had. It’s $6.99 for 6 pieces, which is really quite expensive, but well worth it if you’re in for a delicious salty treat once in a while.

Eating utensils and bowls were cute…

The interior design is very relaxing. We sat in the bean bag chair tables near the window, but there were also normal booth and high-chair tables inside the store. A $4,098 painting graces the wall.

Our little bean bag corner by the window. The sun started shining in more and more until it got to hot to stay. I would definitely go back to this location! =)


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