Beginning Of A Pre-Beginning

Haven’t really been blogging much lately. I wasn’t busy as school is finished; basically just been at work and then lounging around. Perhaps I should take a time to flaneur (yes, I totally just turned that into a verb) around Bloor Street. Anyways, just thought I’d take some time to share my birthday celebration from two weeks ago, and a bit around my new place.

My birthday was pretty much spent moving, but we stopped in for a bit of dim sum at a Chinese restaurant. $20 and we were extremely full! The food was pretty good too. The only thing I have to complain about is the fact that no one speaks English, and after telling them you can’t speak Cantonese, they pretty much just give you a dirty look and walk away. Well, you get for what you pay for, and that includes service.

My new building is nice. My apartment is on the third floor, so I’m (unfortunately) able to hear everything that goes on in the streets including loud conversations by drunks teens at 3AM. But there’s an awesome outdoor terrace you can escape to on the 24th floor if it gets overwhelming.

There are very nice amenities at your fingertips as well.

The top photos are of the gym and apartment library. The bottom are of the enormous library on Yonge. It was so huge that I had trouble finding the front entrance, and when I walked in I was so astonished! It looks way more epic in real life. The carpets are redder, and you see every floor to the top like something out of Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

My room is small, but has a pretty large double closet and storage under the bed, plus my own bookshelf out in the common living room. I also have my own washroom with a deep tub, which is awesome. Baths… I never liked them too much, and it feels like I’m wasting planet resources every time I take one.

I’ve been having current obsessions with salads. Oh, salad dressings. I love vinaigrette flavors; I’m not so fond of Caesars and especially not ranch.

Lastly, I went to UTSC for a session on registration. I’ve been awaiting my transfer credits assessment, which has apparently been sent out last week but hasn’t arrived yet. Both my roommate and I seem to be having trouble receiving mail…


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