Historical Amhestburg

Went over to Fort Malden today, only to find out that it was still closed due to “winter season”. But we walked around the historical area regardless, and managed to get in a few snaps. The weather was absolutely beautiful – sun and just a bit of a cooling wind. Great for morning/afternoon strolls.

The park was filled with (clean) wooden benches and bushes of flowers.

Old canons still stand as a tribute.

The suburban neighborhood is quiet and a great place to raise a family!

Downtown reminded me of Carmody from the Anne of Green Gables series.

Me getting some shots in with my DSLR.

Spectacular little park. I wish I could live here forever, but tiny towns make it hard to survive financially. I think I’d probably also start to go crazy after a week or so… I am still fitted to the urban lifestyle that I’ve adapted since last September.

Trenches left from the war period of 1812-1845 (?).

Even the road signs were a lot prettier.

The lake was murky but an interesting teal color.

A bumble bee buzzes it’s way around the flowers.


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