Chicago may be deemed the windy city, but little compares to the chilling winds of Windsor today. I was almost blown off my feet, and it was far too cold to go out for a nature hike. Instead, I stayed home and got in some snaps with my iPhone, and picked up a pair of khakis at the store.

A fat robin scavenges the front lawn for a plump worm.

The tulips have actually passed their prime and are now starting the wilting stage. Spring hasn’t even really begun yet!

I’m surprised at how well the iPhone renders data in good lighting situations. It’s comparable to a traditional point-and-shoot!

Jiji-sama eyes a squirrel in the neighbor’s yard. Note the homogenous fences and rooftops… I’ve never noticed how the same houses looked in the suburban landscape. Reminds me of the old song Little Boxes.

The stores are also so spread out and flat in suburbia!

With the special effects, even mulch looks nice.

Anyways, hopefully tomorrow the wind won’t be as strong, so I won’t be risking my life by going into the forest. Then again, it is called Windsor. =p


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