This is the longest summer vacation of my life: approximately five months. I’m going to be trying to keep busy with work and getting ready for the transfer to University of Toronto, but there’s also going to be a lot of free time. Thus being said, the past two days have been about relaxation (sort of). Started the day yesterday morning at 7AM with three hours of classical music before heading over to Markham where I visited Fob-Land (a.k.a. Pacific Mall). Of course I forgot to bring my camera after charging the battery.

I purchased three items that I’m very happy with. One is just a regular black hard shell cover for my laptop. Let me share with how extremely difficult it is to find anything at Pacific Mall not covered in Rikkibear, Hello Kitties, Doraemons, or other overly cute Japanese cartoon characters. Thus being said (is this my favorite phrase?), this metallic aqua iPhone case was a cheap and lucky find!

Finally, I purchased a large glass tumbler/water bottle. I’m not too crazy about the fobby Asian characters on it, but it’s not too bad. Other than the texts, I’m in love with this tumbler. It makes everything look so pretty – from water to juice to milk, and I’ve been drinkingĀ a lot more liquids due to this lovely glass. I usually drink 0.5 cups of liquid a day, which leaves my skin extremely dehydrated.

After coming home, I cleaned up the filthy common area in my apartment. I used to be O.C.D. about keeping the entire place clean, but now I just focus on keeping my own room organized and squeaky clean.

Today I walked over to Loblaws for sweet potato fries, only to find they didn’t sell them anymore. So I enjoyed a few mini croissants on the beach instead. It feels very nice to have worked hard over this past year, and now deserving a break via commodity consumption. Whoever said capitalism sucked? Well, maybe I’ll feel differently when I enter the “real” workplace.


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