Celebratory Sushi

And thus ends my freshman year at OCADU! Celebrating the end of exams (which I think I did quite well on) with avacado sushi and an episode of the Steve Harvey Show before having to go to work.  I’m so glad that this year is over. To be honest, it wasn’t at all like what I had imagined freshman year to be like. My school was too small and a little too closed-minded (ironic for what is an arts and design institute). There weren’t any social clubs, sports teams, the only thing anyone ever wanted to talk about was art, and there wasn’t much preparation for the real world.

OCADU, despite it’s amazing professors, seems to advocate the dream world where anyone can make a living on what they love to do. It’s encouraging, but not realistic. Also, despite OCADU having spectacular speakers, I wasn’t happy making art and having to spend every second doing something artistic. I have other interests as well. Above all, I hated the lack of community.

Thus being said, I am transferring to a co-op program at the University of Toronto next term. Hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy studying the business side of things a bit more, so I’m excited to find out! Regardless, I don’t regret attending OCAD for a year. I am now able to understand how difficult it is to have a professional training in the arts, and have certainly come to respect artists. It’s too often that people think artists are “not intelligent enough”. It takes a lot more than pure memorization to critique the world through artistic practice.

But I am very grateful that my parents weren’t Asian tiger parents and let me discover this on my own. I am very sure that had I been forbidden to go to art school, I would’ve resented it. This way not only was I able to discover what I do and do not like, but I was also able to experience it first-hand.

Anyways, my four-months vacation commences! The longest summer I’ve ever had will consist of work, and a trip back to Windsor next week. I’m going to try and catch up on all the photography I’ve missed out on (ironically) this year!


5 thoughts on “Celebratory Sushi

    1. Nice! I’m assuming you are a designer based on your username? Lol, I really loved the graphic design work at OCAD… definitely top notch!

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