No Thanks, Facebook.

That I am blogging and an avid user of Facebook means that I will have to accept an invasion of privacy to a certain extent. If I willingly post a “status” that I should regret later… well, too bad, so sad – those words are now forever on the Internet’s database. If I post a photo of myself, I’m going to have to be aware that 760 of my “friends” will be able to see it. These are all things that I can deal with – because what I do or do not put on the Internet is my choice, and the consequences are ultimately at my own fault. But what I do not appreciate is the fact that friends can use their mobility devices to “check me into places”. I don’t want the world to know where I am at and with whom, and I don’t think anyone really needs to know either. Yes, I am having a coffee with you at Starbucks… does the entire world need to know and the fact that it’s located at the corner of Queen Street with a detailed map and a little arrow pointing directly to our position? No, Facebook. No, thank you.


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