False Curation

An artifact from the past of life on different planets?? Indeed, no. These are some “false artifacts” that I created with Photoshop for my curatorial class. We were supposed to research a topic online and follow 100 links, and using these links create a narrative of five pages.

I initially began my search with the topic of solar flares, and following links it eventually became mythology, religion and Christianity, astrology, and theories about the end of the world.

I decided them to create a series of fake first-hand artifacts of a past life during which life existed on all planets. Each artifact discussed a certain phase in their evolution from prosperity to a quest for knowledge that led to a thirst for power, war between the worlds, self destruction, and a reincarnation. It reflects the phases of the world we live in today.

Each article also alludes to certain real events in history and facts about mythology in our world. It discusses natural phenomena and answers questions using fiction, such as where we came from, why Mars is red, if God is real, how the Earth truly formed, etc.

It is in a sense the “easy way out” for answering unanswerable questions. If some artifact like this actually turned up one day, we would know how everything came to be, and without questions to solve, there would perhaps only be a quest for power and domination, much like Nemesis in the false articles, who gained all-knowledge and decided to conquer the universe.


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