Nothing Left To Invent

Honestly, I’m not even just talking about technology and gadgets… I mean arts as well. It seems like now that we’ve defined human creativity as “limitless”, we’ve hit a limit. Everything’s been invented, every artistic idea has been done already. The human brain can only advance so far until… what else is left to create?

The movies these days are, for lack of better word, crap. They are adaptations of timeless classics ruined with too much animated manipulation, way too many cheesy romance flicks with bad actors who look pretty, and too many gory horror movies with no plot line and just a lot of fake severed body parts.

Art these days is not revolutionary. Landscape/portrait/still-life is considered out of date. You can do anything with art and it’s not shocking. Draw a square, hang up a toilet; heck, let’s hang a man from the ceiling. (Just be sure to include an artist statement that bullshits your life philosophy.) Urgh, I really want to see something new and good…


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