This project was of many “firsts”. It was my first time painting abstract, first time using canvas, first time painting this large, and first time experimenting with the concept of Synesthesia. This is a screenshot from the one-minute video that goes along with the piece, but unfortunately because of my slow 0.26MBPS internet, cannot upload in HD (or mobile quality for that matter).

In short, Synesthesia is a “whack” wiring of the senses during which people associate certain sounds with things such as say, colors or taste. I am not wired like this at all, so I had a lot of difficulty with this project. I do, however, have a lot of emotional connection with music, and the song “Butterfly Lovers” is one of those rare Asian-culture pieces that actually brings out the tears by the liter.

I originally wanted to choreograph a dance and paint while dancing, but time proved to be a constraint. Instead, I let me hands flow in accordance to my emotions as I listened to the song in excess, coordinating each emotion with a warm or cool color.

This project caused so many temper tantrums. I’m not very good at expressing art through emotions. I like drawing with rules like architectural design or direct portrait. This was… I must admit I pulled my hair out in frustration and kicked and punched at the canvas like a little child. I’m just glad it’s over!


Edit: Here is the video.


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