Under The Sea

… Alright, well not really. More like behind the glass of a fish tank. I love aquariums though, and it’s a shame the Toronto Zoo didn’t have more underwater creatures for us Earthly land-walkers to marvel at.

This was the home of the otter. Ever since I was three years old making trips to the zoo, my favorite animals at the zoo were always the otters. They were just so friendly and lively at all times, swimming right up to your face and saying hello. Unfortunately, they swam so fast that my kit lens wasn’t able to catch a clear photograph.

I really like the backlight and the bubbles in this picture. You could never tell it’s just a common goldfish the size of three fingers!

Just another common goldie.

There were quite a lot of rainforest amphibians as well! This metallic blue frog stared right at me as I snapped away with the built-in flash on my DSLR. (I wonder now if we were even allowed to do flash photography…)

This particular frog was huge and colored an unpleasant shade of mint toothpaste green.


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