When In Roam

Even though I really should have been spending this week studying for midterms and getting ahead of my assignments, I instead went around to visit the tourist sites of Toronto via CityPass. First stop was the CN Tower, where unfortunately I did not find anything that interesting to shoot, but the second stop at the zoo was much more interesting! From here I commence a series of animal photography!

I thought that most of the animals would be cowarding from the cold, or always have their butts facing the audience as most zoos seem to be like, but I was quite surprised at how many animals were really “showing off” and staring right back at the crowds!

A wee monkey plays ball right in front of my face. In these dark indoor showings, I wish I had an f/1.4 lens so I could still get a crisp image at a fast shutter speed in low lighting. The build-in flash and extremely high ISO really didn’t do much justice…

I’ll finish today’s post with the monkeys. Expect a lot more to come!


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