An Audit At UTSC

I took the hour-long trip over to “Scarburbia” today to audit a class at UTSC. I hadn’t mentioned it on my blog, but I was considering transferring schools next year for a number of reasons, and I wanted to do thorough research this time to ensure (or at least be able to say I did what I could to ensure) that I pick the right school for me.

To start, I didn’t realize how much it mattered to me, but I really love large campus environments. The fact that there are people with diverse interests and cultural backgrounds is quite appealing, and the number of athletic clubs and others (yes, not just limited to drawing clubs!) is satisfying as well. UTSC is not as big or “exciting” as the downtown campus, but it definitely has that university aura to it that OCAD lacks.

Lecture-wise… well, this is probably more or less the same for UTSC and OCADU. Both schools have amazing professors and students who are excited about what they are doing. The only difference is the course content, of course. =) I was able to speak to some senior students and hear about their experiences, whether or not they enjoyed the program, etc. A lot of them seemed to like talking about work experience in the co-op program, which is something I’m really interested in as well.

The one thing I didn’t like too much was the “isolated” suburbs. I really enjoy the downtown area where everything is within walking distance, plus I have a great part-time job at Maple Leaf Gardens that I’d hate to say goodbye to. I’m also considering the downtown campus for that reason, and the fact that the main campus has a very prestigious history program. Both have ups and downs, and it’s really difficult to decide which one suits me the most… but, perhaps we’re getting a tad ahead of ourselves. Let’s clear the first obstacle and get offered admission first!


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