One thing I want to start doing more of this year (because I really hadn’t done any for the past four years) is to read and write. The problem is I can’t find anything to write about, or anything to read. My life is more or less a bland routine of work, cleaning, and internet with no experience worth while mentioning. The news and politics don’t provoke any type of reaction out of my other than a yawn (which made rhetoric class oh-so-torturous). And now, after scavenging through a pile of books at the library, I still don’t find anything I’m interested in reading. Everything good plot seems to have already been thought up, and everything else is just a variation of the original. I need suggestions for a good book. Any genre is fine!


2 thoughts on “Book-warmed

  1. Hey! I love to read and have a wide variety of books to recommend but not sure what you’d like. For now, why don’t you check out The Passage by Justin Cronin? It’s long but a really good sci-fi/dystopian/apocalyptic novel. Hope you enjoy!

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