Antifeminism Vs. Reality

How is everyone enjoying the holidays? I’m down to my last few days of vacation. I haven’t been updating because quite honestly, I can’t find any motivation to write. There doesn’t seem to be anything interesting to blog about politically, artistically; even my life is a bland routine or work and movies lately. But looking through my old drafts from drawing class, I was reminded of this touchy topic of feminism. Someone had created a piece with the statement of the unfair way in which women are stereotyped to “make men a sandwich”. That led to an entire political discussion about the power of women and how we should be equal to men, etc. etc. This topic has always annoyed me soooo much. I’m gonna put something out there, y’all, women are not equal to men.

I am not talking about every single woman on the planet, but for the majority of the population, it’s true. That’s how stereotypes formulate anyways – because most of it is true. Women are generally – and as a woman I am – physically and mentally weaker, and proud of it.

I am by no means an antifeminist, but I have to say I really dislike feminists too. They’ve created this whole other stereotype (talk about irony) that all women should be powerful, independent figures and anyone who actually wants to serve her man and family as her number one priority becomes weak. If you want others to accept your being an influential and strong woman, why can’t you allow each woman to decide what she wants to do, including deciding to be a housewife? In this sense I could strongly recommend you watch Mona Lisa Smile.

But unfortunately, I don’t think in the dying year of 2012 can you have that ideal, stereotyped family anymore. To raise a family and rely only on the man’s income is probably impossible, and to leave all the pressure on him seems unfair too. But why take that as a challenge to “beat the man”?

Edit: Just to clarify, I am by no means an expert on the topic of feminism. In fact, I basically have no idea what it means or the history or it, but I do plan to do some research eventually. This is just a slight vent because based on personal experience and the people I’ve been who’ve declared themselves as feminists, it has annoyed the shizzles out of me. If you want to be an all-time power goddess, be my guest, but I hate it when they advocate. It’s like having a Jehovah’s Witness knocking constantly at my mental door.


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