the Twelve of 2012

Ah, New Year’s Resolutions; the much-anticipated annual activity that everyone engages in for the first two weeks and forgets about later on. Actually, I’ve never made a New Year Resolution for myself to follow, and to be honest, I probably wouldn’t have followed through with it in the past if I had. But living on my own has called on some nuances. The slightly messy ol’ me has become (hopefully permanently) a clean/organized OCD-ist (minus the hoarding habit) who alphabetizes the refrigerator and color-coordinates the closet. With a bit of a newly-developed discipline, I started writing up my resolutions almost a month ago and perfected it as I went along, changing things that perhaps wouldn’t be do-able. So without further a-do, here is my list of 12 spectacular and remarkable (not really) things I will do throughout the year before the world comes to a dead and silent end.

1.) Get my website online – actually my site is online, but there isn’t much to it. The photographs are from a year or further ago, and the design is pre-made from with annoying ads. Since I’ve got the CS5.5 Suite, I have the software I need to design a nice, flash site to go alongside my future little photography business.

2.) Get back into shape – This is the one area I wish I had extreme discipline and OCD in. I had been a total dancer before I pulled a tendon in my foot and ended up not exercising for months. At the start of living in Toronto where I was super excited and walked for seven hours a day, I lost a lot of weight naturally. But now that school’s started I only walk to school and back, and the rest of the time is spent on my fanny with some paints and unhealthy snacks. Getting back to my original weight (54kg) from my current whopping (61.7kg) will take more than a few days, but it’ll include:

  • Pulling out my old exercise regimes – yoga and pilates early in the morning followed by a 2-hour dance session. Cardiovascular training in the afternoons for 30 minutes to an hour, and ending the day with running and light-weight toning tri-weekly. There’s also the occasional ball-yoga and detox once a week, swimming, tennis, and basketball.
  • Organic eating habits – the fastest way to lose weight is what I did back when I was doing some runway for the fashion department at TCHEVS. I drank watermelon juice thrice a day with lots of water and ate nothing else except a meat bun once a week. It works because your body starts eating your own fat (your body will not eat muscle unless this habit persists for years), but it’s obviously the unhealthy method. Not to mention the second you decide to eat again, the fat will build up faster than speed at Mr. Speedy’s speedy house party. I’m going to try to eat all fresh fruits and veggies with lean meats and whole wheats, and being the cook that I am, resume in making all of my own meals instead of buying pre-made dishes. Of course avoiding canned products of substitutes such as Splenda is a no-no as well.

3.) Photography – the last time I’ve done a fully planned out and properly executed photography project was last February. After that I was busy with film, and through college so far it’s all been other mediums of art. I’m not sure how often I’ll be able to fit in a full-fledged photo project into my schedule with both work, school, and homework, but hopefully we’ll be able to see at least one through the whole year of 2012. Please expect that update!

4.) Be more active at school – this includes volunteering for events, attending guest speaker sessions, participating in contests and publications, etc. I really hadn’t been doing that during my first few months, and find myself regretting it sometimes. After all, we are paying an overly expensive tuition fees; might as well take everything I can that is free.

5.) Volunteer three times – for something meaningful that can help the community. I’ve never been much of a fundraiser person even in high school, so it’d be nice to be able to be a part of the municipality.

6.) Deposit $5 into my savings account every month – I’m not sure if I’ll really implement this one. As a full-time student going to oh-so-expensive art school, living in the core of downtown, and having only a part-time job on minimum wage, I don’t have a lot of spare dough. But we’ll see. It’s always a good feeling to have a bit tucked away (even if it is only $5), knowing you’re on the first true step of attaining the American Dream.

7.) Say no to technology after 11:00PM – this will be by-far the toughest challenge I set for myself. Can I really do that for a week, let alone an entire year? As I sit here at 2:13AM typing this, I know that this one will need constant reminders and stubborn discipline. It is, however, said that technology keeps the mind in hyper-mode, resulting in the inability to fall asleep. I have had grave insomnia for over a year now, but it doesn’t actually bother me. In fact, getting anything over 5 hours of sleep is what will result in my dozing off on the spot.

8.) Read at least one book every two weeks – The reason English was my best subject was because I used to be a bookworm, eating through books like a big mushy apple. I won numerous reading contests and was even put in an advanced reading program in grade two where I already started reading Anne of Green Gables, Christy, and Harry Potter. The reason my English stopped advancing and got worse was because I stopped reading. Thanks to enriched English class in high school – a dread, I only read the books we had to for class (and sometimes didn’t even read them).

9.) Write a journal entry once a week – I used to hand-pen a journal entry everyday. I used to write stories. Now I hardly write anything than the occasional blog entry and essay, and without a computer the sentences don’t seem to flow.

10.) Watch the fashion when you don’t have a car to transport you, fashion becomes the same line as practicality. I only wear four pairs of shoes, all of which are athletic: Pumas, cross trainers, Toms, Neutralizer health walkers. My style has become half athletic, half urban due to the practicality of athletic wear, and the influence of strange, rebellious OCAD hip(pie)s. I think it’s time I get back into the kind of dress I used to like analogous to the slightly toned down and much cheaper version of The Devil Wears Prada.

11.) Apply for a summer internship – not via school program. I’m not sure how this will work out, but I’ve done a high school international exchange without a program, which I think shows more initiative and independence. Plus, it’s a good experience and one more thing to show off on a resume.

12.) Let the people I care about know it – I am not a sweet person at all, but it’s about time to express myself a bit more openly and stop being afraid.


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