Christmas Market

It was really very warm tonight – like spring rather than mid-December – so a friend and I decided to hit Starbucks, the Christmas Market at the Distillery, and dinner at an (expensive) Italian restaurant.

Because of the rain, there wasn’t a lot of people at the Christmas market, which was good for taking pictures. But a standard kit lens made for pretty terrible pictures in the dark of the night. This is one of those times I really wish I had an f/1.4 or even f/1.2 lens.

(If only her eye wasn’t covered.) We saw some pretty neat (and expensive) stuff. I was particularly interested in this “chocolate covered bacon”. It seemed to be quite popular… maybe next time I’ll dare myself to give it a taste.

The choir joyfully sings their praise for the holidays.

What’s Canada without maple syrup?

The Italian restaurant we went to was called Joe Badali’s Ristorante. We had actually intended to go to the authentic Italian restaurant downstairs, but walked into the wrong one and didn’t realize it until after the meal. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to give this ristorante on Front Street a slightly low rating of 2.5/5.

Its plus points goes towards friendly staff members and an absolutely spectacular interior design, not to mention a full house that deceives you into thinking their food was delectable – but not so. I asked what was popular and was recommended to try a whole wheat pasta with goat cheese, mushroom, spinach and chicken. It was an extremely small portion and took forever to prepare, and by which time I ate my first bite was cold already. The chicken was also tough and old in texture and there really wasn’t anything authentically Italian about this pasta at all. I could’ve made it better myself; not to brag. $20 for a pasta like this was a complete rip off, I’m sorry. At the end, their wireless debit machine also did work properly, receiving no signal five times before I had to resort to borrowing cash from my friend, which I absolutely hate doing.

Unfortunately, Joe Badali, I will not be returning to your restaurant anytime soon, nor will I be recommending it.


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