The Banks of Humber River

This morning I took the streetcar all the way down west to the lake. I had originally planned to go hiking at High Park, a relatively large discovery path with what I’ve heard to be beautiful streams, trees, and wildlife. I was immediately captured by the sunlight lake on the opposite side upon arrival, so I took the lakeshore trail instead.

Although it was cold, I couldn’t help but scramble onto the rocks and sanded beach to sneak in a few shots of the swans diving for their morning breakfast.

Bottoms up!

If only I had a longer zoom lens… there was slight color fringing at the longest (which is not that long) focal length, so cropping in wasn’t exactly an option in these cases. I also spotted some of those special ducks – the ones with spikey-feathered heads and swim 5mph. I couldn’t get in a decent picture because they sped off like little lake rockets as soon as I approached within focal distance. I’ve yet to identify what species of duck they are though; I am very obviously not a zoologist.

Anyways, I followed the trail until I came across one of those wooden signs that the government puts up – you know, the ones with the map of the trail and a bit of historical information. I did a bit of research upon coming home, and I realized that the very place I was standing was such a significant place for Canadian heritage. The Humber River with it’s collective seven-hundred and fifty-some creeks dates back to 7000 B.C., where the Palaeo-Indians became the first wave of human settlers. Isn’t that such an amazing feeling? We now reside in the same area with park benches and expensive DSLR’s, modern skyscrapers and structures where the very first humans came by boat and foot!

It was unfortunate that I had to turn back at the start of the “Shared Path” trail because I had stupidly forgot to charge my cellphone the other night. I will definitely want to come back again, preferably before the gets too cold.

Hopefully you have all been enjoying your vacation thus far! I’m lucky that my sinusitis has pretty much gone away right after exams. I’ve been back to work for two days, and being a bit slow unfortunately… but starting to get the hang of things again. Keep your nose clean, everyone!


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