Holiday Commencement

With five different kinds of medication and days of a living hell, my symptoms have pretty much gone away (hopefully not jinxing myself). My final exam is over and the commencement of vacation activities began early this morning with a few episodes of my old favorite comedy, The Jaime Foxx Show. I decided to spend some time with myself since I remember many times before when traveling with friends, we had to speed through travel sights.

I headed over to the Ontario Art Gallery after an early brunch. Even though we get free access to the gallery as OCAD students, I’ve really only ever went once, and it was way back in September.

Photographs weren’t allowed inside the gallery, so I only snuck in a few snapshots at the sides of the building. I underestimated how long it would take to go around though. An hour had already passed and I realized I had only seen three of the four walls in one exhibition. I joined a mini tour though and spoke with some curators.

My art history course really helped because I actually knew what the tour guides were talking about! I found cultural artifacts and classical art to be quite interesting, but I’m very much not into modern art. Place a piece of poop in the middle of a white room and BS a philosophical meaning out of it… erm… hmm? No, thanks. But then again perhaps I just don’t understand it enough; I’ve never actually read up or taken a class on… expressionism?

I also tried to pay attention to the setup of the exhibitions. I never realized it before, but apparently all the places each piece is placed, every lighting technique has an intention. I’m not sure about how effective it is because pre-art-student, I didn’t feel any difference and I most certainly wouldn’t have cared.

After the gallery and picking up some fruit where I had to spend over $10 to use my debit card because Chinatown is sneaky like that, I headed over to the Distillery Gallery for the Christmas Market. I hadn’t realized how dark and intensely cold it gets at just 4 o’clock in Toronto though, and I only stayed less than fifteen minutes.

There were various booths selling homecrafted gifts and treats. It’s too bad that I don’t have extensive relatives who celebrate Christmas, or a family to share traditions with. I passed various moms and dads with their kids picking out wrapping paper, trying chocolates, laughing, and just being homely. A funny little conversation I overheard between a little girl and her father:

Daughter: What is your faavvoooorritteee food in the whole wide world that you eat everyday?

Father: Everyday? Beer.

Mom: *laughs* Great example setting. Don’t let your son follow your footsteps!

Daughter: Beer gives you marshmallow bellies!!

I really need to go back one more time (properly bundled)!

A nice old man claps joyfully along to the choir from an upstairs window.

Anyways, I ended the night with a Cantonese dinner by the lakeshore. Now I’m going to take a hot shower, watch a few shows, and prepare for my first day back to work from sickness tomorrow! It has been a great vacation day one.


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