Secure Your Future

Planning for the future is good; planning is great… if you only use it as a reference to get you to live in the present. I make a lot of plans and backup plans, even though most of them will change or can’t be implemented, it helps me make decisions for today and feel secure about tomorrow. But especially as Christmas time rolls around, it’s tempting to make purchases whenever you see a 50% or even 75% sign. These costs still add up though, so if you really want to save up, limit or even skip out on the holiday sales. Here are a few tips to avoid spending:

  • Look at photos of your dream home – I look up pictures of condos or town homes that I’d like to one day rent or even own. I tell myself that if I get a well-paid job and have some savings put away, dream can become reality faster.

  • Shop with friends – I tend not to feel like buying things when I’m with friends because I don’t want them to have to wait for me to try things on (I am a very slow decision-maker when it comes to shopping). It also feels less awkward walking out of the store empty-handed after the sales associate has spent many minutes (annoyingly) assisting you.

  • Don’t shop hungry – based on personal experience. As I walked through the Eaton Center with a growling stomach this afternoon, even $35 chocolates seemed cheap and worth it. But after having lunch, the desire to spend money on random food items was gone.

  • Stare at the balance in your bank account – if I have say $1,918, I don’t want to spend $20 and have it go down to $1,898. It just looks so much less full. Keep putting money away and see those numbers get bigger. You’ll feel guilty about taking anything out.

In the end, it’s really just mostly about self-discipline and knowing how much you can afford (or are willing) to spend.

Anyways, my first exam ended today. I finished almost an hour early, and I think I did pretty well. Just a couple more assignments away from a month-long winter vacation!


2 thoughts on “Secure Your Future

  1. Great post! It is difficult sometimes to control oneself, but when you set goals and learn new habits, things become easier!
    Good job on your exam!

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