American Dream

I’ve been saving up for the American Dream without even realizing it. I’m constantly worrying about having slightly more than enough in the bank account. I didn’t know what exactly I was saving up for – I just wanted to save for something whether it be a house or car one day. My roommates go on frequent shopping sprees, and they were talking about how they use up their money so quickly.

What do you have to save up for anyways? Money is meant to be spent.” Said one of them to the other. It’s funny how I, the youngest one, have a completely different concept for money. I always see some sort of trendy item I wish I could buy, or a food I want to eat, but in order to save up for that American Dream in the back of my mind, I force myself to only spend money on school, rent, and cheap produce. Of course I do treat myself once in a while, but these “treats” almost always have to have some practicality to them. But sometimes I wonder if I should indulge once in a while. After all, it’s while I’m young and single that I can enjoy personal material wealth, and there are only so many of those years left.

Anyways, on a different note, the Christmas aura is quickly coming!! The annual Santa Claus Parade was held today, and it went on right outside my bedroom window! The view from the 15th floor is really small though, so I stepped outside to take a few pictures.

I found all the floats to be an excuse for marketing. They were all big companies, stores, and brands that went by and held up their logos at the start of every float. The kids just aren’t mature enough to understand that. It’s a really pessimistic thought, but that’s the process of growing up I suppose.

Christmas has always been a huge deal in the back of my mind not because my family celebrated it (actually we never did), but because I wanted to start my own Christmas traditions. There’s often this debate about Christianity vs. Christmas, but really I just take it as a day to enjoy life in ways you wouldn’t usually. Maybe it’s kind of sad that we need a holiday as an excuse to do this, but there you have it. I guess there’s also a nostalgic feeling for me because growing up in the States, Christmas was a huge deal at school.

This year I’m all for the holiday house decorations. They’re something re-usable every year too, so it’s not a complete waste of money. I’m thinking about getting a small fake tree to decorate on Christmas Eve too; it’ll be my first tree ever!

Other things I plan on doing, minus work if I have any, is baking and decorating gingerbread men cookies, the famous sugar butter cookies, watching a series of holiday films (Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer has been an annual tradition for several years), reading, and holiday browsing at the mall.

What are all your favorite holiday traditions?


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