Mini Hiatus

This has become such a long-delayed update. In between writing essays and final assignments, I’ve just been wasting time watching re-runs of Smallville on movpod. I’m trying to get back into productive-mode though. Maple Leaf Gardens has also almost finished its construction, so we’ll be starting official work soon. I’m super-excited because over the past few work days I’ve had with colleages-in-training, I’ve found that I really enjoy the company and teamwork, and the customers really make your day. It’s not an easy job actually, but I find myself liking it so far. Here’s to hoping we’ll all do well!

The first term at art school has gone by in a flash. The experience has been quite different than what I had originally expected. I’ve gotten around to the pace of Toronto as well as classes. Although it’s not even been three months since I’ve been in Toronto, it feels like I’ve been here for a year. Visitors often stop me on the street and ask for directions, and I am able to confidently point them towards the right way. It feels fulfilling, hahaha!

Anyways, this post is very much lacking in quality photos, but I just pulled whatever I had off my iPhone photostream to let you know that posts will probably be more frequent after final exams. Enjoy the rest of November!


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