House of Harry Potter

The main characters of Harry Potter are Gryffindors for good reason. Life is a lot like the world of Harry Potter, really. It’s as unstable as the layout changes on this blog, and you often have to make life-effecting decisions. Should you be a Ravenclaw, smart and mindful of every step you take; should you be a Slytherin and take the easy ways out, perhaps coming on top as a result? Should you be a Hufflepuff and be happy with anything you’ve got; or, should you be a fearless Gryffindor, facing challenges head-on as they come?

I have found that in real-life situations where battling against the sources of evil may not necessarily be practical, settling into the house of Gryffindor seems to be the better of choices.

To be a Ravenclaw means to focus on the studies – in all aspects. Not only are you doing well in school and/or work, but you are carefully planning out each and every step towards the future. How much money can you spend today, make tomorrow, and save over an accumulation of twenty-four months? How can I get a well-paying job, pay for taxes, what’s the answer to wingardium leviosa? To reside in this house means to think too much. While focussing on studies, while planning out every detail of the indefinite, every-changing future, you’re missing on now. There’s a world to be lived outside the pages of your textbook, and no matter how detailed your plans are for the future, they will most likely change over time.

To be a Slytherin is like being… well Lucius Malfoy. You may come out powerful, head of the office maybe with a son of “distinguishability”, money – but where is happiness (apart from casting your favorite spell: furnuculus, because it makes your opponents break out in boils)? You won’t have gotten that great feeling knowing you’ve worked decently and hard to get where you are. You’ll constantly be worried about getting caught; there’s a mound of lies to be covered, and everyone becomes your enemy. You are feared, disliked; then what is the point of having everything if you can’t be happy with it?

Ah, then there’s bubbly Hufflepuff. The joyful and carefree creature; the entire world is a playground for you to explore. But believe me, it is not a world of flowers and fairies when you forget important deadlines or “things” in general. As awesome as it would be for everything to fly past your head, it just isn’t realistic. You’ll be easily tricked, and though intentions good, you’ll be the one to take the fall.

So, why choose Gryffindor? Well, basically you’ve got a mixture of all the houses – plus bravery to face obstacles head-on. You’re smart and diligent, but not nerdy. You’ve got a life, a good side and a bad side to an equal balance, you know the ups and downs of life and when to cherish them…

And at the end of the day… you’ve won the house cup.


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