Take A Chill Pill

When you catch a cold, from your elementary hours down to your last high school day (and for some even through university), your parents made you chicken noodle soup. You could skip school and stay in bed all day; maybe eat a donut or two. Other than the fact that you’ve become a puffy-eyed snot machine for a few days, catching a cold was really not all that bad. But that all changes when you’ve become an adult and you’re completely on your own.

I’ve had the worst cold for a few days now, and yet I still have to go out and run errands and do homework and attend class. My room is a pig-sty because I’ve been too congested and cloud-headed to make my bed. This is a huge deal for me because I am a neat freak. Of course I should catch a cold during all the most important of times: midterms, operating power tools for woodcutting, volunteering at OCAD’s open house this weekend, and training at a manufacturing plant.

The seagull looks pasted on. But it's so cute!

If only I didn’t have sculpture class. I really dislike this class (dare I say hate?). It’s not because of the professor or the assignments, I just don’t like this medium at all. With a passion. I was never fond of making things. Crafts were the worst… even in preschool I’d hate those stupid paper collages and making necklaces. I’m still trying (not just attempting a minimal pass), but it makes me dislike OCAD a lot of the time. If I really think about, I actually like all the other classes, but the fact that sculpture is always somewhere in the back of my mind makes the entire experience unenjoyable at times.

But I really should stop complaining. The best advice to follow is your own, right? I’m usually annoyed with complainers because you either a.) deal with it, or b.) take the necessary steps to fix it. But I often find myself complaining about the most minute things… like sculpture class. It goes by quickly and I’m still learning something. Whether or not I implement sculptural ideas, it still opens your eyes to other forms of art and allows you to appreciate how hard successful sculptors work. From now on I will try to be more optimistic.

By the way, for those of you coming to live in Toronto from another town… don’t get stuck on a rental contract. In fact, if you can get four month contracts or even half-year contracts, go with those. You should really come for a few months just to get to know the city, where things are, and what your schedule is like so you can organize transportation times/costs. Give different spaces a try before settling down with a permanent residence and start interior decorating. I very much regret signing a one-year contract, and am definitely going to go with short terms contracts next, at least until I graduate and have a fixed yearly schedule.

I apologize for this random post. Due to my cold, my head is screwy and I will not bother with editing my writing.


2 thoughts on “Take A Chill Pill

  1. Thanks for your input regarding my recent blog post. It’s good to have a fellow OCAD student and blogger to commiserate with online, hahaha

    I know exactly how you feel about sculpture class! It’s the same way I feel about my drawing class—I’m totally out of my element and it’s the class I get stressed (and angry and frustrated) the most about. I’m going to try to be a bit more optimistic myself, but it’s so hard sometimes…SIGH

    Which program are you in? Too bad you’re not in GDes! It’s hard to meet people from other programs—especially in the faculty of Art…barely know anyone from there :\

  2. No, I don’t think I know who that is… But I’ll keep a lookout for her!

    Wow, so you’re in photography and you have to take a sculpture class? That must be tough—it’s so out of the realm of photography. You’ve probably heard but we actually have a class called “Photography for Communication” in 2nd semester GDes. I was reading the course calendar though and it seems pretty basic…

    I should write a note to myself, y’know just so I remember. Something like, “CHALLENGES = HELL YES” or maybe “OCADU? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.” It would go a long way to helping me stay pumped, lol.

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