Cold Canadian Octobers

Yesterday was my last training day the store in Etobicoke. It’s already been a great experience. Learned a lot of new things and met new people, and my colleagues are all really great, amazing people.

Might I say I have a new respect for cashiers and clerks who make grocery stores function smoothly. I am proud to say that soon I’ll be joining the team on the other side at Maple Leaf Gardens. As customers, we tend to think we’re almost “above” the employees, but we take for granted their existence. Only when working behind the counter do I realize that it’s not an easy task to work quickly and efficiently while ensuring the hundreds of customers who come in daily leave with a smile on their face. So, next time you check out at that grocery mart, give a heart-felt “thank you” to the clerk behind the desk.

Not much has been happening recently. I’ve been spending most of the time studying for midterm exams (and being sick). Other than confusing a couple dates (Lorenzo Ghiberti 1435 vs. Gianlorenzo Ghiberti 1645-1652 URGH!!), I really enjoy art history. If it weren’t a subject where you could barely get any job at all even with a PHD, I would have totally wanted to major in this area.

So, the cold -41 Canadian winters are quickly settling in. I hadn’t noticed it before because back at home, we’d always go places by car with the heat on full blast. Now that I either have to walk or wait in the freezing cold for public transportation, I’ve realized the importance of scarves, gloves, and fluffy socks.

I’ve got to remember to pick up some earmuffs before the real winter settles in. Bundle up, everyone!


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