Tour de la Personnelle

Since school started, I’ve done a lot less photography than I originally hoped to. I’ve taken some random snapshots, but they’ve all come out as very common street shots. Haven’t had the chance to really plan out a concept and put together a real photography project. In fact, the last actual photography project I did was way back in early February (you can see it here).

I’m actually quite excited for next year to roll around so I can start studying in photography major! I’m still unsure as to whether or not to transfer because of OCADU’s lack of equipment though… so I want to check out the open house at Ryerson University this coming November. I remember being ecstatically buzzed when OCAD told me there were lenses I could borrow… then I got here… and nope, they LIED.

So, it’s been a while since I’ve pulled out my DSLR at all. But today I took a stroll over to the Wellesley area to pick up some things at the dollar store (and ended up getting only a stick of glue for art class). I brought along my heavy glass eye (my Nikon baby) and took random snaps along the way.

Wellesley seems like quite the cultural area. There are numerous Victorian town homes and vintage stores. It was surprisingly cold today though, and the one day I didn’t bring a sweater along with me too. -.- I hopped in a Country Style Cafe and picked up an apple cheese strudel for breakfast.

I wanted to start cooking again. Even though it’s vain to say so, I’m quite good at culinary art, and I’m afraid that a year without cooking will deteriorate my skills. It’s just quite hard to cook in a kitchen squeezed and shared between four people; which is why I’m excited to find my own little space next year, preferably somewhere I can stay for at least the next 3-4 years.

I was actually thinking about renting, decorating, and re-renting for a higher price. I’m not sure if that’s even legally allowed though, so I’ll have to check up the rules on that. Apart from photography, I re-visited the old hobby of interior decoration. I remember for a few years I wanted to be an interior designer, and even had all those softwares for 2D-3D digital designs.

I realized how strangely close I follow in my uncle’s footsteps, which is quite hilarious. He is also a photographer/interior designer who likes cooking and dancing.

I also thought about taking some summer courses and a couple of extra classes per semester in attempt to graduate a year early. It seems that most art students like to stay in school for long periods of time, but I’d really just like to receive a valuable education and get out as soon as possible.

At which time perhaps I could get a masters in education as a backup, or get a head start on launching my photography and design business.

Ew, me looks fat. Well, that’s still a couple years down the line, so the most important thing is to focus on now. It’s hard not to get caught up in the future when you do vague planning. Even though to live in the present is the most VIP, planning for the future helps you get things done more efficiently.

On a random note because it just popped into my head, I will admit that for most of my classes – especially true with form and structure – I’m not giving 100%. I’m obviously still paying attention and trying to do creative work at a good level, but I’d say I’m probably only trying 80-85%. It’s just because first-year art, as helpful as it is for any medium of art, is not my favorite type of art. I’m relatively impatient with drawing, and if there’s anything I hate it would be craft-making. But I’m planning to give 110% with photo classes next year, treating each assignment and exercise as if I were doing it for a gallery show in New York worth millions of dollars.

Pah, well hasn’t this been a very personal post? I haven’t done one of these in months!

So I shall bid farewell with an image of the first tomato-cream cheese omelette I have made since mid-August. Good luck to everyone’s midterms!


11 thoughts on “Tour de la Personnelle

  1. I know this is kinda random but i kinda need tips if you dont mind helping Dx
    I remember you made a yukata on your old blog , i want to make one for drama class, any tips advice on making them? How did you make it? Im ok with sewing, like i can work the machine.. haha your yukata was soo pretty!

    1. Lol sure! I’m so happy that you liked it! =)

      Have you made any clothes before? Making a yukata is relatively simple, but you may want to make a few smaller ones as trials using cheap white linen before working with the actual fabric of choice.

      Basically I followed this pattern and used my own measurements accordingly. I also watched this video which helped a lot.

      If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask! I’ll do my best to help! =)

  2. how did you use your own measurements? like how did your measure to make it fit you? if that makes sense.. s: i took a fashion class but it was mostly txtbk work and we made shorts and a bag so i do have some experience in sewing 🙂

    1. They don’t have to be your specific measurements, which is the good thing about a yukata. Just make sure it is bigger than you. But if you look at the image I linked you to: it tells you how wide to make the panels. (Ex. measure your entire hip around and divide by 4. That will be the width for one panel). As for the length just make sure it’s longer than you. It will make sense if you know how to wear a yukata properly, which you can find here: Hope this helps!

  3. haha thanks! it was helpful! i finished my yukata 🙂 is your yukata think? did yours have a lining inside?Is your fabri cotton? I kinda feel warm wearing this and its supose to worn during the summer i think i’d sweat @_@

    1. Oohh awesome! I’d love to see your finished yukata if you have a pic!

      Mine was pretty thin, but yes I made the “inner slip” as well. Both were made of light cotton, which is supposed to absorb the sweat. I’m assuming it doesn’t get that hot in Japan (minus Okinawa) since it’s so up north, so maybe it’s supposed to be a little thick? I’m not 100% sure lol!

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