Falling For Fall

Oh man, how can I begin to express my love for fall? I love harvest season. It’s a shame that you can’t really see the coming of fall in the big city what with all the skyscrapers hardly a tree. Though I was born for city life, fall is a season that definitely needs to be spent in suburbia.

Fall has always been a big deal in my mind. Pumpkins, corn, wheats, scarecrows, the red and orange center pieces on the dining room table, scent of ginger spice cookies, hot apple cider, chilly horse rides and trips to the petting farm – it’s all missing here in the big TO. Because I’m living in a shared apartment, I can’t even decorate the door with appropriate foliages at the least.

What’s sadder is that I don’t know where I can find a rural area to take pictures! But I visited Waterloo at the peak of autumn last weekend, and fortunately got these few shots with my handy-dandy iPhone.

Of which totally reminds me… I upgraded to the iOS5 system. It doesn’t seem to be any different from iOS4, minus some aesthetic changes and iCloud. iCloud is great for iCal, but annoying for iPhoto because it even streams photos from my Nikon (which are huuugeeee files) into my phone. It also only works with syncing Lion systems, so I wasn’t able to have iCloud running on my iMac. Sad.

As you can see, I adore fall to the point of having orange everywhere.

Yes, I use my favorite toy cat as a headphone organizer.


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